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At, our technology categories explore the cutting-edge innovations shaping the sports world. From performance-enhancing wearables and training gadgets to advanced protective gear and recovery tools, we cover the latest equipment giving athletes a competitive edge.
We also dive into the technologies changing how sports are played, coached, officiated and experienced by fans. This includes analysis of video replay and tracking systems used for officiating calls, athlete biomechanics and data sensors measuring performance metrics, and emerging coaching software and analytics platforms.
On the media side, our tech coverage examines the latest broadcasting technologies like 4K resolution, virtual reality/augmented reality viewing experiences, streaming distribution models, and more. We break down how these innovations impact sports entertainment and fandom.
From youth and amateur levels up through the professional ranks across all sports, our technology news keeps you ahead of the curve on the cutting-edge products, services and scientific advancements gaining traction. Count on our categories for a comprehensive look at the tech driving sports forward.