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At, our Music categories take you on an auditory journey around the globe, exploring the diverse melodies, rhythms, instruments, and genres that have emerged from cultures across the world.
In our World Music section, we dive deep into traditional folk styles, indigenous musical movements, and modern fusions that fuse local influences with international sounds. From the entrancing ragas of Indian classical to the infectious Afrobeats from West Africa, we showcase music’s most authentic international voices.
Our coverage also shines a spotlight on the breakout mainstream artists from Asia, South America, the Middle East and beyond who are keeping their regional musical heritage alive on the world stage. Through insightful artist profiles and concert reviews, we celebrate the rising talents transcending borders.
For adventurous listeners, our Exotic Instruments section examines the unique handcrafted and ancient instruments utilized in various world music genres – whether it’s the haunting tones of the Armenian duduk or the intricatecomplexity of the Malaysian gamelandrums.
Additionally, we go inside the major music festivals and global concert tours to provide a virtual front-row experience of the spectacle and pageantry surrounding international music events. Our critics also deliver deep-dive analysis into the cultural inspirations and indigenous influences underlying each new world music album release.
From the most remote tribal chants to the biggest mainstream acts blending disparate styles,’s Music categories unveil the universal harmonies and distinct rhythms of melodies echoing across every corner of the planet. Let our worldly team of musical scholars expand your ears.