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At, our Entertainment category covers the intersection of sports and popular culture. We bring you the latest news and analysis on athletes crossing over into entertainment, as well as the many ways sports impact music, movies, TV shows, celebrity culture, and more.
From athletes launching acting careers to musicians and actors investing in sports franchises, we report on the biggest names straddling the worlds of sports and entertainment. Our coverage includes in-depth profiles, business deal analysis, and commentary on the growing cultural influence of sports stars.
We also explore how sports have permeated entertainment media through storylines, documentaries, biopics, comedy specials, and more. Our writers critique and recap the most prominent sports-themed TV shows, films, podcasts, and other content from a fan’s perspective.
Additionally, this category dives into the glitz and glamour surrounding major sporting events like the Super Bowl, World Cup, and Olympics. We go behind-the-scenes with the entertainers, halftime performers, and celebrities generating buzz around these cultural spectacles.
Whether you want the scoop on an athlete’s breakout album, a hot take on a new sports biopic, or updates on sports-themed entertainment ventures, our Entertainment category puts the spotlight on the crossroads of athletics and popular culture.